Practicing Chiropractors Committee on Radiology Protocols

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NCC Members Elect

Dr.Ted Sim

NCC 2019 Chiropractor of the Year


2019 Chiropractor of the Year


Dr. Ted Sim receives the NCC 2019 Chiropractor of the Year award from the 2018 recipient Dr. Stephanie Youngblood. Congratulations Dr. Sim from the NCC


VA Residency for NCC


The application period for the next VA Chiropractic Residency class opens January 6, 2020.

(Training dates: July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021) 


The VA Chiropractic Integrated Clinical Practice residency is a full-time, one-year, hospital-based postgraduate training program for DCs seeking innovative training and experiences relevant to careers in hospitals, integrated medical systems, and/or academia. The residencies provide advanced clinical training in multimorbid case management, allowing recent graduates to increase their knowledge and acumen under the mentorship of senior VA chiropractors. Residents gain valuable interprofessional experience by collaborating with primary care providers, medical and surgical specialists, and associated health disciplines. To date, 23 of 24 program graduates (96%) have placed in hospital practice or medical academic positions within 9 months of program completion.


Two important developments for 2020:

  • - For 2020 VA has added 5 new residency programs, increasing the number of available slots to 10 in total

  • - All programs will follow a common application and Match process


See the  VA Chiropractic Program website for further details and application instructions


NCC 4th Annual Convention - The Best Yet!

NCC Convention Group

NCC Board Welcomes our Instructors:  Left to Right: Southern NV Director Dr. Benjamin Lurie, Past President Dr. Stephanie Youngblood, Dr. Sherry McAllister, Dr. Ken Murkowski, Northern Nevada Director Dr. Josh Byers, Treasurer Dr. John Brown, Vice President Dr. Ted Sim and President  Dr. Adam Ingles


Dr. Sherry McAllister

Dr. Sherry McAllister


Dr. Ken Murkowski

Dr. Ken Murkowski


NCC 2019 Annual Convention





Why the NCC

Supports the Use of X-Rays


The NCC supports the right of chiropractic physicians to use their professional judgment and expertise to determine what is best for each patient and to practice any techniques, including the taking and reading of x-rays, which fall within the scope of practice in the state of Nevada.


Dr. Stephanie Youngblood, current NCC board president, says, "I support the use of x-rays by chiropractors for patient protection.  I had a patient with cancer, and by x-ray, I learned that it had metastasized to her neck.  An adjustment would have hurt her.  The more information I have, the better I can care for my patients."


Dr. Bobby Moore, past NCC board president, says, "Techniques, such as CBP, require progress x-rays to verify whether the patient's treatment is working and/or if adjustments need to be made.  Once we caught a patient's cancer that had returned by detecting, by x-ray, ivory white vertebrae sign.  Another time a young girl had an incredibly severe scoliosis that was undetectable just by looking at her.  These two patients had very mild to no pain, but both had emergency surgeries.  Chiropractic physicians must not let insurance companies dictate chiropractors' methodology for treatment."


Welcome to our 2019 NCC Board of Directors:


President:  Dr. Adam Ingles, DC
Vice President:  Dr. Ted Sim, DC
Secretary:  Dr. Kevin Kaldy, DC
Treasurer:  Dr. John Brown, DC
Northern Nevada Directors:  Dr. Josh Byers, DC and Dr. Dennis Verner, DC
Southern Nevada Directors:  Dr. Cayla Lairmore, DC and Dr. Benjamin Lurie, DC
Past President / Chairman of the Board:  Dr. Stephanie Youngblood, DC


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