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Dr. Sherry McAllister and Dr. Mario Fucinari 

And All Of Our Attendees For

 Making Our Northern Nevada 4.9.22 NCC Seminar a Success!

September is Drug-Free And

Pain Management Awareness Month

NCC Members Have Usage Rights 

To The NCC Anti-Opioids Video:

"Chiropractic: The Best Alternative to Opioids"


We all know that the pandemic has escalated the awareness of mental health. There's a lot going on and people are struggling. Opioid abuse is an ongoing concern.


F4CP reports that "with 136 Americans dying every day from an opioid-related overdose and mental health on the decline during the pandemic, the opioid crisis remains at an all-time high."


Dr. Adam Ingles, NCC President, says "as chiropractors, we can offer care and treatments that can alleviate neuromusculoskeletal pain. By addressing the cause of pain in a safe and effective manner this can lead to a reduction in prescription opioid use."


Per F4CP, "Increasing visibility of chiropractic during the pandemic has never been more important. With 50 million chronic pain sufferers and mental health on the decline, informing your communities that drug-free chiropractic care is available to alleviate pain, optimize health and most importantly, mitigate the opioid crisis, is key to a healthy and vibrant community."


The NCC created and produced a powerful and educational professional informational 10 minute Anti-Opioid video. Produced in 2019, the "Chiropractic - The Best Alternative to Opioids" video offers hope, education and also the harsh reality of the devastation of opioid addiction.


The NCC "Chiropractic - The Best Alternative to Opioids" Anti-Opioid Video Is Available To All NCC Members To Use In Their Practice


As An Educational Tool For Patients.

Our suggestion is to include the video in your exam monitors and lobby monitors.


Click here to view the NCC Anti-Opioid "Chiropractic - The Best Alternative to Opioids" Video.

Please contact 
for permission and access to include the NCC Anti-Opioid Video for your chiropractic office.


Meet our Board of Directors:


President:  Dr. Adam Ingles, DC
Vice President:  Dr. Josh Byers, DC
Secretary:  Dr. Ted Sim, DC
Treasurer:  Dr. Rachel Box, DC
Northern Nevada Directors:   Dr. Dennis Verner, DC
Southern Nevada Directors:  Dr. John Brown, DC and Dr. Benjamin Lurie, DC
Columnist for the NCC: Attorney Ayesha Mehdi
Past President / Chairman of the Board:  Dr. Stephanie Youngblood, DC

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