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The First-Ever Public NCC Anti-Opioid Seminar!


Las Vegas, Nevada – June 7, 2019 –For the first time in United States history, chiropractic physicians are fighting the opioid addiction crisis, and right now is your chance to be part of it.  The NCC immediately needs each member to invite two patients to our first public education anti-opioid seminar.  The event will include a powerful and emotional video, a discussion of the opioid crisis by chiropractic physician panelists, and a chance for attendees to ask our panelists their own questions about opioids.  The purpose is to steer patients toward chiropractic as the best way to fight pain.


During the past year-and-a-half, an introductory video, worth tens of thousands of dollars, was produced.  The work was entirely donated to the NCC by numerous members of the Las Vegas production community, who were personally touched by the opioid addiction tragedy.  The ten minute video stars Nevada State Chiropractic Board president, Dr. Jason O. Jaeger, and features NCC board chairperson, Dr. Stephanie Youngblood.  In addition to opening each public seminar, the video will soon be shared, online, with NCC members through a private YouTube channel so members may share it with their patients.  The long-term plan is to take the anti-opioid education program to a national audience.


The idea for the anti-opioid public education program was brought to the NCC by network television news producer Michele Kane, who wrote, produced, and directed the video and is coordinating and producing the seminars with her husband, technical director Jon Kane.  CoverEdge Television owner, Rich Travis, whose company produces Las Vegas news coverage for many national and international programs, provided months of shooting and editing.  Scot Rammer, composer for many commercials and numerous shows on the Las Vegas Strip, contributed music.  Jon Jacobson, who lost his partner at Oakdale Post Audio to an opioid overdose, provided technical audio support.  Other contributions came from Dr. Mel Pohl and the Las Vegas Recovery Center, Dr. Sherry McAllister and the Foundation 4 Chiropractic Progress, Clark County coroner, John Fudenberg, two recovering patients who tell their stories, and three parents who share what it was like to lose their children to overdoses.


The inaugural free public seminar is scheduled for Saturday, June 29th, from 6 to 7 PM at the offices of Dr. Nicole Harmel at 8879 W. Flamingo Road, Suite 101, in Las Vegas.  Space is very limited, so tell your patients who want to attend that they need to sign up today by calling NCC anti-opioid committee director, Michele Kane, at (702) 466-9078.  NCC members, please feel free to print this media release and display it in your offices and/or hand it out to patients.  If you’re not an NCC member but want to be part of this historic program, join the NCC today by clicking here for the NCC membership form.  Then host a seminar by contacting NCC anti-opioid program director Michele Kane by phone at (702) 466-9078 or by e-mail at




Why the NCC

Supports the Use of X-Rays


The NCC supports the right of chiropractic physicians to use their professional judgment and expertise to determine what is best for each patient and to practice any techniques, including the taking and reading of x-rays, which fall within the scope of practice in the state of Nevada.


Dr. Stephanie Youngblood, current NCC board president, says, "I support the use of x-rays by chiropractors for patient protection.  I had a patient with cancer, and by x-ray, I learned that it had metastasized to her neck.  An adjustment would have hurt her.  The more information I have, the better I can care for my patients."


Dr. Bobby Moore, past NCC board president, says, "Techniques, such as CBP, require progress x-rays to verify whether the patient's treatment is working and/or if adjustments need to be made.  Once we caught a patient's cancer that had returned by detecting, by x-ray, ivory white vertebrae sign.  Another time a young girl had an incredibly severe scoliosis that was undetectable just by looking at her.  These two patients had very mild to no pain, but both had emergency surgeries.  Chiropractic physicians must not let insurance companies dictate chiropractors' methodology for treatment."


Welcome to our 2019 NCC Board of Directors:


President:  Dr. Adam Ingles, DC
Vice President:  Dr. Ted Sim, DC
Secretary:  Dr. Kevin Kaldy, DC
Treasurer:  Dr. John Brown, DC
Northern Nevada Directors:  Dr. Josh Byers, DC and Dr. Dennis Verner, DC
Southern Nevada Directors:  Dr. Cayla Lairmore, DC and Dr. Benjamin Lurie, DC
Past President / Chairman of the Board:  Dr. Stephanie Youngblood, DC


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